Friday, March 27, 2009

Using the Internet to Generate Real Estate Leads

The Internet has become a household name whenever you may go. After all, almost everyone uses the Internet. This makes the Internet a very good place to use for your lead generation efforts, especially for those who are into real estate. 

Using the Internet as a primary marketing medium is a good idea. For one, it reaches out to the entire world. If you are selling properties, you can get in touch with foreigners who may want to buy through or from you. The Internet is more convenient in marketing these days than using the conventional ways. 

Of course, the Internet is not a magic wand. It does not guarantee instant success or results; you would have to work for it. With that in mind, what are the ways that you can successfully “milk” the Internet for your lead-generating efforts in the field of real estate?

Give Your Visitors the Information They Need

Some real estate marketers make the mistake of requiring a person to register first before he or she can access the information the marketers have for the visitor’s perusal. This is a very big mistake, even if the registration is for free. One, it is a waste of time on the side of the visitor. They are there for information and not to spend some time filling out forms.

This will totally kill your Internet marketing campaign. Although some Internet users will indeed sign up and become a lead, most will certainly be discouraged and turn their backs on your website. To prevent them from moving on to your competition without even having checked your offerings, give them full access to your catalogue. Let them look at your properties for sale; then you can be sure that they will indeed sign up for more information. 

Offer Something in Return

Give people a good reason to give their personal information to you. People are usually wary about being spammed by marketing e-mails that they otherwise did not sign up for. In order for your visitors to be influenced into signing up for your newsletters--and becoming a lead in return--you need to reassure them that you will not distribute their information to other real estate marketers or to all marketers, in general. Of course, you also have to respect that promise and keep it. 

Another way to influence visitors to register is to offer them freebies. These freebies could come in an e-book. Other marketers also offer people periodic alerts about recent listings of properties in their area that they might be interested in. 

Let Them Know You Care

Another grave mistake that other real estate marketers make while using the Internet for their lead-generation campaigns is the failure to make follow-up e-mails to the prospective client. 

You see, sometimes people need to be reminded. Others may have simply registered and have forgotten as to why they have done that. Keep reminding them--gently, of course--as to why they have given you their personal information. Perhaps they are interested to look for houses or other real estate properties. In order to do that, you need to make constant follow-ups through e-mails using the information they provided.

The pacing of your follow-ups will vary. Other marketers would want to give weekly or bi-weekly newsletters and alerts, while others would settle for monthly reminders. It is all up to you, but you have to be careful as well. You must not bombard your leads with too many e-mails, or they will put your offers into the SPAM folder. 

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Getting Historical Mortgage Leads Is Still Recommended

When Internet and offline marketers would start talking about mortgage leads, they are actually referring to the fresh ones. These are the prospects who have recently signed up in their mailing lists, requested a free quote, submitted a feedback form or question in their Contact Us page, found them in the Yellow Pages, or signed up to their registration form during trade fairs and exhibits. 

The nice thing about fresh leads is that they have very high interest over your business. They are easy to persuade to get the offer, if you already have one. What’s more fresh leads are a lot convenient to track since they can provide you with the most recent information, such as their telephone number and e-mail address. The data they provide you can also give you some ideas of what they’re really looking for. If not, any information they provide you will help you identify if they are definitely the prospects that you’re looking for. 

There are a lot of ways on how you can get these fresh leads. You can get them for free, such as when you create your own mailing list or when the leads personally come to you. You can also buy them from lead-generating companies.

What about Aged Mortgage Leads?

Aged mortgage leads, on the other hand, are definitely not fresh leads. They are the ones that have been used and then rejected, or completely unused for a month or more than that. Now not a lot of marketers would definitely want to get them simply because they are already old. It could be that they are no longer interested with your products or services, or they already have a completely different set of wants or needs. 

Nevertheless, they can still be useful for the following reasons:

1. You can get them at a much cheaper rate. 

Because they are already old, they will be offered to by lead-generating companies at half the price of the new leads. If you’re on a tight budget but you still like to start with well-researched and comprehensive list of prospects, you would definitely like to get historical mortgage leads. 

2. You can still offer something to aged mortgage leads. 

You should always keep this simple rule every time you do lead generation: there’s no such thing as useless leads. It’s all a matter of how you are going to make them useful for your business. Just because they have remained leads for the past months doesn’t mean that they no longer have worth. Their priorities may have changed, but their new needs could be those that you can provide. 

For instance, fresh leads would be busy searching for companies who can provide them with home equity loans. This way, they will be able to pay off their mortgage and other obligations without a lot of financial constraints. Historical mortgage leads, on the other hand, could now be after refinancing. This could be because their first loan wasn’t enough to help them sustain their household expenses. 

3. You can practically have these leads all by yourself. Lead-generating companies are willing to get rid of them, because they are not really giving them profits. Most marketers don’t want them because they’re after the new ones. Simply put, if you focus on historical mortgage leads, you are actually tapping on a niche market that doesn’t have a very strong competition. This will give your business a good head start or advantage over the others. 

Historical mortgage leads can still provide you with the profits that you need for your business. What’s more, they can boost your ROI since you only have to make a very small investment.

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