Friday, January 2, 2009

Convince Your Leads Now on Your Mortgage Services

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Blame it on the financial crisis, but there are actually more people who are looking for ways to improve their finances or settle their debts. One of the best solutions is applying mortgage. However, selling your mortgage services may not be as easy as you think. After all, they are also conscious shoppers. They are very wary of scammers or mortgage companies who have higher interest rates and longer payment terms.

So how do you make sure that you can effectively capture your mortgage leads and convert them to being your customers? Here are some great tips:

1. Know the problem and give the best solution. If you want to make sure that you can easily reach out to them, you have to understand the situation they are in. This will also help you determine the best possible solution for your potential clients. After all, they don’t have the same needs. You can perform a lot of research about your target market, or you can study the products and services that you’re offering. Identify how you can customize them to suit the needs of your refinance or home equity leads.

2. Offer something for free. One of the best operative words out there is “free.” Who doesn’t really like to receive it? It is also an excellent come-on especially if you’re marketing online through ads. Nevertheless, make sure that you can choose freebies that you believe will increase your conversion rate. For example, most mortgage companies give away free quotes. Others offer free tools such as mortgage calculators. You can also up your perks a bit, by giving away free reports or case studies that you’ve done with other clients. You may not expect your mortgage leads to say yes to your services right away, but you can already establish your credibility to them.

3. Be responsive. If there’s one thing that can perhaps make you lose your home equity leads, it will be your lack of response to their needs. One of the foremost guidelines is to provide feedback as fast as 48 hours. It also doesn’t matter if they signed up to your mailing list, or they give your office a call. You can also be responsive in a lot of ways, but the most effective is giving them a phone call. You can always expect an answer through this method. Not all of them are yes, but at least you can already determine your next course of action.

4. Identify your strong points. Again, your potential customers will be looking for mortgage services that are worth dealing with. They will not waste time gathering as many companies as they can and comparing them later on. Just to make sure that you do stand out and they contact you, always illustrate your best assets. You may have the lowest mortgage interest rates in the market, or that you have competitive professional counselors on the team. You can also talk about your success rate. How many of your customers were able to settle all their obligations and lived a more comfortable life after working with you? Where are you among your competitors?

5. Set up a website. Whether you’re planning to market online or offline, it’s still best to set up a website. Your pages can be accessed by your leads anytime and anywhere. You can also put there all your product or service information. A website can also help in demonstrating your professionalism. Customers would still love to work with real mortgage professionals. They are assured of their financial know-how, experience, and expertise.

Once you have the mortgage leads, though, ensure that you can take care of them. You can benefit from their word of mouth and their continued patronage to your business.

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